Senior Product Designer, New York City

Photo of Kelly Murray

Explain your role at VidMob and how it contributes to the Tripod?

I am the Product Designer on our Creative Analytics team, I design features that make it easier for our users to see and understand their data in our platform.

What brought you to VidMob?

Simply, the team and the product. I joined VidMob to get the chance to solve complex problems with a team of extremely talented and fun people! 

How did you get into your field?

I originally went to school for finance and quickly learned it was not for me and that I really wanted to go into a creative field. After switching my major to Creative Advertising & Graphic Design, I was offered a UX internship and immediately fell in love.

Name three people (living or dead) who inspire you and why?

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Her passion and her tireless efforts to give a voice to the voiceless has left behind a remarkable legacy.
  • Susan Kare: Her UI designs for the first Apple computer made it easier for everyone to understand and still influences interfaces today.
  • My mom: She is a seemingly endless source of positivity & laughter. ❤️

What do you like most about your work?

The process! Watching an idea turn into a fully functioning feature and getting to see the impact it has on the user is the absolute best.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Why? 

Focus on the end of the story you want to tell.” This has been great advice for work and in life. Once you have a better understanding of the desired outcome, it makes the path a lot clearer.