Product Designer, Madrid

Photo of Marina

Explain your role at VidMob, and how it contributes to the Tripod?

My role has changed throughout the years, but the essence is the same; to express VidMob’s brand through a wide range of digital executions.

What brought you to VidMob?

The people and company values.

What’s been your career journey so far?

VidMob is my first job out of school, but I started out as a Presentation Designer. Since then I have created and designed ads, taken on branding projects, and I’m currently focusing on web design.

Name three people (living or dead) who inspire you and why?

Roser: My incredible mother, who has always loved and supported me unconditionally. She is a source of inspiration because to this day she continues to defy the norm and re-invent herself.

La Rosalia: A Spanish singer and song-writer doing her thing in the most elegant and admirable way. I’m inspired by her outlook on life and her passion for all things creative.

Simone de Beauvoir: A feminist icon who was ahead of ther time and demonstrated that women are much more than just the “other”. De Beauvoir inspires me to be unapologetically myself.

What do you like most about your work?

The diversity of it, because it gives me the opportunity to learn something new every day.

What’s the biggest work or life challenge you were able to overcome?

My biggest life challenge has been having to move back to Spain, in the middle of a pandemic, after six years abroad. Luckily, my family and friends were always there to pick me up and encourage me to not give up

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Why?

To always listen to myself, to trust my thoughts and intuition.